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Further details of our services

Specialists in security


Fire Alarm Systems

  • BAFE SP-203-1 accredited fire alarm company for design, supply, install, commission and maintenance.

  • Fire Industry Association members.

  • BS5839:1 Compliant.

  • We offer systems from a basic stand-alone ‘one out all out’ system all the way to fibre optic networked systems with PC Graphic Interfaces and unique and bespoke cause and effects.

Access Control or Intruder.jpg

Access Control

  • PAXTON approved installers. 

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain Access Control Systems.

  • Services include biometrics, thermal screening, facial recognition, ANPR, anti-pass back, roll call systems, integration with intruder, fire and CCTV systems.

disabled refuge.jpg

Disabled Refuge

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain systems designed to comply with BS5839 Part 9.

  • Any person with physical impairment- upon a fire alarm activation - is escorted to a safe ‘refuge area.’ An Emergency Voice Communication System allows 2 way communication between a central control point and any number of ‘refuge areas’ throughout the building.


Aspirating Systems

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain systems used to constantly monitor and sample air for very early detection of smoke and fire for high-risk areas like server rooms, inaccessible areas like sealed voids or harsh environments like tunnels. 


Intruder Alarms

  • We design, supply, install, commission, maintain and constantly monitor systems through a 24 hour manned alarm receiving Centre compliant to BS EN 50518.

  • BS EN 50131-1:2004 states intruder alarm systems will need to be Security Graded according to the kind of intruder considered likely to try to defeat the system. The grading of a system based on a structured risk analysis will help determine the extent of the system, signalling and tamper security.



  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain CCTV systems.

  • From fixed single camera installations to large networked systems with numerous camera manufacturers, PTZ Cameras and Perimeter Protection. 

  • We use IP technology with digital recording, ANPR, AI Deep learning and Neural analytic VMS Systems.

fire risk assesment.jpg

Fire Risk Assessment

  • We will advise you on the suitability of any existing risk assessment documentation that you have in place, and, where required, provide a current risk assessment suitable for your business. We can make a detailed inspection of your workplace in person, and can provide a report supported with photographs showing areas of concern, or detailing where particular action is recommended.

asbesdos survey.jpg

Asbestos Survey

  • We offer management and R&D surveys.

  • Management Survey - undertaken to locate the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and includes a risk assessment and asbestos register which forms the basis of the Asbestos Management Plan for the building or site. The surveys are non-intrusive and designed to identify reasonably accessible ACMs within or to the exterior fabric of the building and assess their condition.

  • R&D survey - A Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D) Asbestos Survey is required when the building, or part of the building, is to be refurbished, extended or demolished. This is a fully intrusive and destructive survey.


Suppression Systems

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain Gaseous Extinguishing Systems including all electronic & mechanical equipment along with Room Integrity & cylinder stretch testing.

  • FM200®, Argonite, Carbon Dioxide, and more environmentally friendly alternatives such as fine water spray, Novec™ 1230 and inert gases. Since the ban was introduced on the manufacture of fire extinguishing gases that contain CFCs the range of extinguishants available has increased dramatically. Precise selection is required to apply the most appropriate agent to any application.

Dry Riser.jpg

Dry Riser Inspections

  • We maintain and carry our remedial works on Dry Riser Systems throughout the commercial sector


Voice Alarm & Public Address Systems

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain Voice Alarm & Public Address Systems

  • A Voice Alarm system is recognised as the quickest way to evacuate people from buildings. Following fire detection, automated messages can control the movement of people around building allowing a safe evacuation. 

  • Manual intervention using high priority fire microphones can supplement the automated response, confirming the validity and need to leave the building.


R-102 Suppression Systems

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain R-102 Suppression systems.

  • Remove the need for human intervention in commercial kitchens and manage the risk by installing an Ansul R-102 suppression system. It’s a reliable and effective solution for protecting kitchens from fires and is tailor-made around your kitchen’s appliances, hoods and ducts.


Sprinkler Systems

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain Sprinkler systems.

  • All sprinkler work is undertaken or directly supervised and verified by LPC-qualified staff with experience, training and competency with the task in hand.


Fire Extinguishers

  • We design, supply, install, commission and maintain Fire Extinguishers.

  • Fire extinguishers need to be inspected and serviced annually by a competent person to ensure their viability in an emergency. Our qualified Engineers will ensure that your equipment is maintained to BS5306 and fully compliant


Smoke Dampers

  • Like fire, smoke can spread quickly and easily through a building. Smoke rises, so one of the fastest ways for it to spread is through a building’s ventilation system. And since smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death during a fire, preventing the spread of smoke is essential to keeping occupants safe during evacuation. Smoke dampers are specifically designed and installed in the ductwork and air transfer openings to prevent the passage of smoke between sections. Activation of a smoke detector (through specific Cause & effect programming) will send a signal to an actuator attached to the smoke damper, closing the blades of the smoke damper in turn preventing the movement of smoke.


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